Bring your Wedding USB to life as an Album

Designing Your Album from Your photographs
A trend over the past decade has been to drop the album from our wedding day photography packages. I've always held the view that print is best and because many couples now find their memories sitting in a cupboard or stored away in a folder on their hard drive I'm offering to take those photos and create a beautiful album.

An album sitting on your table, bench or shelf will become a timeless memory your family can look through time and again.
When I photographed weddings I used wedding albums from various suppliers from mid-to-high-end quality. To make this available to everyone, no matter what their budget I will resume doing that.
I charge a design fee plus the cost of the album supplier,

For a high end example take a 10x8inch genuine leather album from a world renowned lab, with 10 spreads (20 pages) - the album cost would be £208.95 from the supplier plus a £100 design fee meaning you get a beautiful high end album for £308.95

At a mid end example lets go with a genuine leather album the same size, but from a less specialized company (but one, who's products I still love) the album price drops to £105.85 meaning that with the design fee you get this album for £205.85.

Prices obviously come down if you go for hard back, linen or leatherette covers.

My cheapest option is a classic coffee table book, sized A4 with 10 spreads (20 pages) with either an image wrap cover or a linen cover at a total cost £125 (including both the album and discounted design charge).

Please note that I will NOT edit or photoshop your photographs as this would be a major copyright issue.

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