Bring your Wedding USB to life as an Album

Make a USB into an Album
Many of us have our Wedding Images stored on USB's. But I believe nothing beats a printed album in creating a beautiful & timeless heirloom that can be opened time and again bringing back memories in a way that a computer screen or tablet fails to do.

There are many Album options available, which means that prices vary. I recommend the Bellissimo Perfetto but it is really your choice and according to your budget. Because I charge a design fee the album comes at the price of manufacturing.

My Design Fee
10 spreads (20 pages) - £75
Each additional spread costs £10

Do I Edit?
Because I didn't take the photographs, for copyright reasons I DO NOT edit images in any way other than applying a crop where necessary in the design process of your album.

After you have sent me your images that you would like in your album I will design it within 5-7 days and send you the proof pdf's. After this you may make changes, after all It is your wedding album.

Image Quality
The images you supply must be of print quality, and while you may include guest photographs if you wish, I recommend keeping your selection within your professional photographer's images. This means quality and colouring should be similar throughout.

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