As a husband and a father of 4 kids i know how valuable photographs of our families are. I also know how stressful a photo-session can be so I try to make it as stress free and as fun as possible for parents and kids. I've photographed many great people and events through the years and look forward to many more...

New Born

A new baby brings many challenges, but many more joys. As a parent I cherish simple photographs of them as babies. For my tips on Newborn/Infant photography visit here


The excitement of soon to be parents (esp 1st timers) makes this area of portraiture fun. It's a great part of family life to remember.


There are many family events like first communions or formals that we love to remember. And what better way than to hire a professional to take simple yet stunning portraits, and/or to capture the day unfold

School life is a huge part of our lives and each year various photography companies mass shoot images. Why not slow things down and have fun with a session dedicated just for your families school portraits or as part of a longer session for family photographs.

Seniors (16-18yr olds)

All In

And I don't mean just the kids. Us parents tend to avoid portraits. But it's great to have memories of our families all together.

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