Headshot FAQ's

Where are you based?
Because I have been primarily Wedding Photographer I don't have a studio (yet), so many of my headshot sessions are taken in my home, a rented studio, or some other building I can rent borrow or break into  . . . (only joking, I don't rent)! While based in Hillsborough I'm often in Dublin and Wexford, meaning I can cover most of the East coast of Ireland.
UPDATE: I now have a room just off Castlereagh Rd Belfast

Clothes, what clothes?
I like to say wear what you feel comfortable in. For a headshot clothes aren't the main feature, but if you feel good you'll show that on camera. However, increasingly casting directors are asking for mid-body shots (from the waist up) so bring a few changes that will make you look good but won't distract from your face/eyes! Plain is best, bright colours (including whites) and stripes/patterns can be a little distracting. And remember - neck-lines are more important than bust-lines for your headshot.
Also keep in mind that jewelry is something else agents have told me to make sure don't feature.

Can I have makeup?
I recommend men don't! But ladies, of course you can. . . to a point. Casting directors prefer a more natural look, so I've been advised to tell all my female clients to go (very) light on the makeup.
If you'd like you can arrange a makeup artist to be there to give you a few different looks throughout the session but this is at your cost (whatever the makeup artist's rates are). I prefer to start with a more natural look and move from there.

Do you photoshop?
In general no! A director wants to see a picture of the person who'll walk in to his/her office. That being said I'll remove the odd blemish and use it sparingly.

Do you give direction?
I've been surprised by how many people have said they have had headshots where the photographer does not direct or coach them. I give a fair bit of this, and I'll explain why as we go along.

Do I get all the images?
No, Your images are captured in a raw format. After our shoot, I handpick the final images from the session and work with each selection to bring it to its full potential. These final images are then presented to you in a private online gallery.

How long will it take to get my images?
After a session I usually say 3-4 weeks but if you really need them fast I'll try me best to help.

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